5 Testosterone Boosting Foods

5 Testosterone Boosting Foods YOU Should Be Eating | 2021

Testosterone is the most important male hormone, but females also have and need Testosterone, just in lesser amounts. And one thing that’s important to note, is that it’s normal for Testosterone levels to decline as you age. But scientists have discovered even more significant reasons we experience drops in Testosterone that have nothing to do with aging. Most of which are totally out of our control, which is why low test levels are something you should be aware of even in your twenties and thirties. The good news is that there are easy things that you can do from home.

Canned Tuna

Foods High in Vitamin D and Zinc Tuna, Oysters, Shellfish):
Two nutrients seem to be especially crucial to your diet when it comes to increasing testosterone.. and those are Vitamin D and Zinc. Let’s start with Vitamin D: According to researchers, Vitamin D can help boost testosterone levels by up to 90%. One way you can increase your Vitamin D levels is to eat Tuna! Tuna is rich in vitamin D, has lots of protein, and is typically low in calories. If you aren’t a fan of tuna, you can also get a Vitamin D boost from other fish like salmon or sardines.


Another food that can help improve serum levels of Testosterone; one that most of you will be glad is on the list and that is HONEY! Researchers have tested this sugary condiment in both human and rodent trials. They found that honey did in fact increase serum test levels, likely because it helps increase the Luteinizing Hormone. Which is a hormone produced by the pituitary gland and one of the main hormones that control your reproductive system and leads to the production of other hormones, such as Testosterone.


The connection garlic has with testosterone is one you will want to remember. Because it actually has to do with another hormone: Cortisol. What does cortisol have to do with testosterone? Well, a lot! Cortisol is produced in the adrenal gland, which is where Testosterone is produced. And scientists have found that if your cortisol levels are too high, which could happen due to anything from lack of sleep, to mental stress, and even over-training or extremely restrictive dieting. You could be blocking your body’s ability to produce Testosterone.

Ginseng Root

Ginseng Root:
Ginseng has been used in Chinese medicine for thousands of years. Ancient medicine men often refer to it as: ‘The King of All Herbs.’ Because of it’s long list of possible benefits for overall well-being, with sex drive being a big one. In one double-blind, placebo-controlled study, researchers recruited forty-five men with varying sexual issues, and found that sexual satisfaction improved after they were given red ginseng three times a day. Scientists have also looked at what Ginseng can do for women. Healthy female volunteers were asked to keep a food diary for seven days and take saliva samples four times a day before and after taking 75 mg of red ginseng. Researchers found that after taking Ginseng, their Testosterone levels increased all four times!


This is another one of those herbs that ancient medicine men have been using for thousands of years. Researchers have been examining Ashwagandha’s potential benefits for a while now. Looking at everything from just general overall well-being to lowering excess inflammation, increasing muscle strength and size. Decreasing stress and probably its most sought after potential benefit: It’s potential ability to boost Testosterone.

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