Countertop Dish Racks

In todays article we will be discussing about 7 Best Countertop Dish Racks in 2021.

Owning a kitchen dish drying rack ensures that it’s easy to dry the dishes without having to worry about fungus or rusk creating on your cutlery,

which will allow you to keep the expensive wooden spatulas and knives in perfect condition; however, different styles of countertop dish racks are available and made to fit different needs.

To ensure that your dish drying rack adds to your kitchen’s efficiency, you should make the right decision, so in today’s article, we have compiled the seven best countertop dish racks that can keep your utensils organized while keeping your countertop clutter free.

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Save your counter space with these Sabatier, a compact and expandable dish rack that can hold all of your utensils comfortably.

This dish rack features eight slots for plates, one extra-wide slot for frying pans, six cup tins, four glasses, and three compartments for flatware. Additionally,

the expandable drainboard has enough room to hold a variety of bowls or pots. It has a removable flatware caddy that organizes flatware in three components, making it easy to remove for access.

Moreover, the drainboard is design with a bi-directional spout that allows the water to drain from both sides of the countertop or the shelf.

This dish rack also features soft and non-slip feet that will keep this unit in place and protect your kitchen countertop from scratches.

Expandable DrainboardA Bit Pricey
Bidirectional Drain Spout
Rust Resistant
Large Capacity
Removeable Flatware Caddy


The oxo good grips convertible foldaway dish rack is the best alternative. If you want to have a space-saving rack, you can fold it.

It has a compact size to make storage easy this rack comes with two utensil holders that are divided into three compartments, each keeping flatware separate for easy organization.

This unit has six slots for standing plates and cutting boards. Finally, there is also an array of tins for cups and glassware; furthermore, the mini compartments offer plenty of space for a variety of kitchen utensils.

It makes it simpler to put items away once they’re dry the pour spout on this dish rack makes draining water a breeze as you only have to fold out

the feet and slam the pour spout opens to drain directly into the sink if you have limited kitchen storage space this is a great option that offers

convenience as well as style.

CompactAwkward Drain Spout Location
Easy to Store
Rust Resistant


The Surpahs over the sink roll-up dish drying rack offers a flexible design that rolls up like a mat to take up minimal space, and it makes it easy for storage next to the sink, which is ideal for any small kitchen.

It’s made of steel and completely covered with silicone which keeps the rack slip-free and heat resistant up to 400 degrees which can be used as a heat resistant trivet mat on the countertop.

This durable wrap can hold your heaviest pots and pans while creating drying space for delicate porcelain ceramic and chine. It’s easy to clean as it is dishwasher safe.

This unit is beautifully craft in a unique warm gray color that makes your kitchen feel cozy, natural, and sophisticated.

Holds a Lot of DishesHard to Put Together
Saves Counter Space
Easy to Store


The premium racks professional dish rack is a fully customizable two-tiered drying rack that will ensure you’ll never be at a loss for space.

This product features a stainless steel chrome plated design made entirely of rust-free and remarkably durable steel.

Additionally, it comes with two different style drainboards and a microfiber mat to keep water off your countertops.

It features a removable top shelf that can be switch from side to side or front to back, a wide utensil holder, a separate knife holder, plus multiple cups and cutting board attachments.

The top shelf is made of hardwearing stainless steel in addition to being sturdy enough, so you don’t need to worry about breaking or an unstable top shelf.

To sum it up, the premium racks professional dish rack is available in a variety of sizes and shapes, meaning you can choose the design that suits your kitchenware the best.

Very DurableTakes Up Lots of Space
Big Size
Corrosion & Rust Resistant
Easy to Customize


The simple human kitchen steel frame dish rack is made from fingerprint-proof stainless steel and design to be aesthetically please for any kitchen.

The sink is fully functional in the kitchen and has a unique drainage system with a swivel spout that directly channels water right into your sink furthermore. The drink glass rack allows you to dry your glasses fast and efficiently.

At the same time, the utensil holder helps you organize your utensils, so they look neat and stylish. Moreover, the anti-residue coating results in the spread of water, minimizing the buildup of residue.

Another thing to mention is that the fingerprint-proof finish can resist smudges to keep stainless steel shiny for a longer time.

Dishwasher SafeTrimming Loosens Over Time
Good Finish & Design
Sturdy & Durable
Rust-Proof Materials
Innovative Drainage System


If you’re tired of expensive dish racks with over-engineered drains that always break leak and grow mold, then try using the Rubbermaid antimicrobial,

which is a lightweight but decent dish drainer it’s simple design can hold up to 13 plates and six glasses securely even if they’re large and heavy

which is perfect for a three to a four-member family the holder of this dish strainer is extra deep so it can hold more than other models with the

same or similar countertop footprint additionally it also includes a flatware holder that can stash plenty of cutlery knives and chopstick the dish

drains material is treated with microbana substance that causes bacteria to die down, so it doesn’t pick up unpleasant odors.

Great CapacityDrainboard Not Include
Sturdy Design
Bacteria Fighting Material


Finally, at number one, we have the kitchen aid full-size dish rack, the best of the best kit that keeps every essential component of your kitchen in one organized place.

It features satin-coated rust-resistant and hardwearing wires that can help you secure your kitchen items like full-sized pots, cups, pans, bowls, and more without any issues.

Additionally, it’s design to drain over anything. It comes with an ideal pitch enabling it to prevent water from collecting in the dish rack. This

product comes with many compartments so you can store the most needed tools or appliances; however, you see fit all parts of this rack are

detachable, which makes it simple to hand wash, and for your convenience, it also features a soft foot that can avoid scratching the kitchen

counters if you’re looking for a rack that’s elegantly simple and compact and very durable then this is the product that you need.

Detachable Flatware CaddyHeavyweight
Satin Coated
Simple to Clean Up
Large Capacity

So that was our list of the 7 Best Countertop Dish Racks in 2021.

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