Woman's hands cleaning kitchen top in rubber protective gloves
Woman's hands cleaning kitchen top in rubber protective gloves

In today’s article we are going to discuss How to Clean Microwave.

From meals to dessert, microwaves are usually the first thing to come to mind when it comes to convenience.

In the kitchen, you can whip up anything from meals to cake in minutes, and they’re also fantastic for reheating leftovers.

Over the past 50 years, microwaves have become increasingly common in American homes.

In fact, it’s hard to find an American home without a microwave and who doesn’t have a story about a bowl of spaghetti exploding in the microwave or some other similar microwave catastrophe.

Cleaning a dirty microwave is not a big deal when it comes to microwave cleaning tricks.

There’s a simple phrase to remember steam is your best buddy. With that in mind, here are some hacks to make cleaning this near essential appliance a breeze, so without stalling, let’s dive right in

Baking Soda

baking soda

The first method we’re going to share is baking soda.

which you probably already used to keep your kitchen smelling great, which can also help you keep your microwave clean, especially if your microwave has a stinky odor or areas where the staining is relatively recent to begin to fill.

A microwave-safe bowl with one cup of water sprinkle one or two tablespoons of baking soda on top place the bowl in the microwave for 5 minutes on high heat.

After a short time you will notice that the baking soda and water combination helps to eliminate odors and steam off the stains.

Remove the bowl and wipe the surface with a clean dishcloth


Vinegar with lemon

You can also use vinegar to clean your messy microwave as it is an easy and cheap way to get the job done without any elbow grease.

Vinegar’s acidic properties can help tackle a variety of messes, including glue residue, soap scum, and whatever you have left on the inside of your microwave,

Particularly when coupled with steam which softens and loosens gunk that seems to be a permanent fixture.

You can either mix water and vinegar in a bowl or use fun tools like the angry mama to clean the microwave in an effortless manner


Fresh yellow lemon lime fruit with green leaf isolated on white background with clipping path.

Lemons aren’t just excellent for making lemonade.

They’re actually one of the finest natural defense systems for cleaning stubborn stains lemon juice is well known for its antibacterial and anti-fungal properties.

Which is why it is such a good all-around cleaning agent, so lemon can be a valuable tool in your microwave cleaning arsenal.

If you haven’t been cleaning your microwave because it’s a tedious task this lemon trick is going to make you grateful slice the lemon in half and squeeze the juice into the water.

The halves microwave the solution on high power for three minutes. Let’s stand for another five minutes, and wipe it clean.

Dish Soap

Dishwashing liquid with a sponge on kitchen sink

Dish soap is a great way to get rid of grease due to its strong grease-fighting ability.

You won’t have to leave the couch for long.

You just have to take a microwave-safe bowl, combine about two cups of water with a squirt or two of dish soap, put the bowl in the microwave and boil it for two to three minutes and let the steam do its magic.

After waiting for five minutes wipe out finally let the microwave dry and enjoy the shimmer.

Also, remember that you need to consider the outside once you’ve cleaned the microwaves inside the control panel.

For example, it can be rife with bacteria. One of the great usages of hydrogen peroxide is that it’s a disinfectant cleaner souse it to wipe the exterior of your microwave, however, do not spray it directly onto the oven.

It can seep into the vents. With that being said, we’re now at the completion of the article.

Let us know which method you use to get rid of that stain.

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